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Your Thriving Coach Code Results Are In…
Bolster Your Belief to Prosper
Confidence + A Proven Process = A Prosperous Coach
The path to becoming a prosperous coach starts here.

It starts with a healer driven by passion (you), a map (the proven process) and it leads to a deep sense of fulfillment, freedom, and service (minus the servitude).

Beating inside your chest is a heart that lives for helping others —the heart of a true coach. Your personal quest for growth and healing has triggered life-changing AHA moments that you’re determined to share with the world.

Your purpose is clear — to empower others to lift the veil and open to life’s possibilities. You’re excited to transform your passion into your life’s mission.


You might be wondering…
can I really make this a reality?
Here’s the answer too few people are giving you:
It is 100% possible to become a THRIVING coach. To make a real difference and impact lives on another level. It’s possible to transition from your soul-sucking day job to a full time career doing what you love. The possibility of achieving greater results for a steady stream of high-paying clients is absolutely REAL.

And that’s just the beginning…

Keep reading because your quiz results will serve as your personal blueprint to help you get started on this path. Ready to take the first steps?

Grab a coffee, get cozy, and get ready for your thriving coach path to unfold!
“Every woman that finally figured out her worth, has picked up her suitcases of pride and boarded a flight to freedom, which landed in the valley of change.”
― Shannon L. Alder
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Your Proven Path to Courage and
Confidence As a Coach
Based on your answers in the assessment, these are the first 3 steps you need to take on the path to becoming a confident, thriving coach.
1. Attract the Right People
If you’re struggling with getting people to work with you even though you’re offering free sessions, a thriving coaching business may seem like a long shot.

Trust me. I can relate. When I offered freebies as a new coach, people agreed mainly —well — because I’d offered. I was working with people who weren’t even interested from the start!

Never coach for free.

Instead of leading with freebies, lead with your passion. Speak about the solutions you provide through your coaching and approach problems as opportunities. The right people will gravitate toward you. Wondering what I mean by “the right people”?

I’m talking about the people who are ready for healing, who’ll resonate with what you’re saying, and believe in what you have to offer so profoundly that they’ll gladly pay for your expertise and support. It might not feel like it right now, but those people are out there.

Many new coaches fall into the trap of thinking they need years of experience and every certification under the sun to be a legit business before they ask to get paid. Unfortunately, that’s where far too many coaching dreams die. I call it the Hobby Zone (and it’s much, much scarier than the Twilight Zone!)

The truth is, you can gain the competence you need to feel confident about growing a thriving coaching business with just a few powerful shifts (stick with me and you’ll soon learn what they are).

2. Be Your Own Confident Co-Signer
Self-doubt is coach kryptonite and much of it stems from helping people who don’t see the value in what you do. Oftentimes, it’s the lackluster reactions from well-meaning friends and family that convince you that you may not be cut out for this work.

Although that can be discouraging, it’s important to remember that not everyone will understand your gift. And more importantly, realize that not everyone is ready to receive it (though many are!)

Nobody knows what you’re capable of better than you. Your job is to listen and trust your inner voice. Follow a proven process. Be your own co-signer and give yourself permission to tune out the static so you can align with your true calling.

3. Captivate From the Start

You have the ability to attract only the right people by communicating the benefits of what you offer and the problems you solve before you whisper a word of the modality you use to get there.

This is called “Captivate from the Start” and it’s a simple but powerful way of introducing yourself anywhere and everywhere.

When you use the Captivate from the Start approach, miraculously, only the people who actually have the problems you solve and the benefits you offer will come to talk to you!

Motivated potential clients approach you instead of people who want to debate about whether your approach is “woo-woo” or “real”.

Now, this is actually incredibly easy to do and I have a quick formula to use the Captivate from the Start approach that will make your heart sing!

But first, what happens AFTER you captivate?

The people who are already impressed and interested will feel compelled to come up to you and ASK YOU more about what you do. Sound too good to be true? This is actually consistently proven to work over and over!

The reason it works so well is because when you communicate the benefits of what you do and the problems you solve as described above, your dream clients say to themselves, “WOW, he/she totally gets me! It’s like… she knows what I am struggling with and what I really want!”

When people hear you speak their truth with clarity and understanding, they automatically assume you care and can help them!

When those perfect clients approach you, no more random freebies. Instead, offer them FREE CLARITY about the roots of their blocks and what is possible for them.

This is a way to give a “result in advance” that people really value!

The truth is, people become hypnotized by their routines, fears and habits in life and are starving for the kind of clarity that cuts through the fog and resonates in a big “AHA” moment kind of way. Even if someone doesn’t end up hiring you, you’ll have given them a HUGE, life-changing gift…the Gift of Clarity!

This is a gamechanger for you and your ability to enroll committed, perfect-for-you clients… and it’s easy when you know the right things to say!

Ready to Learn More About Captivating From the Start & The Gift of Clarity Exercise?

I have two perfect Quick Start Learning Guides for you to download designed to teach you EXACTLY how to do these 2 things so you can practice them immediately and see results for yourself!

1. The Simple Formula to Captivate People from the Start

2. How to Do the Gift of Clarity Exercise to Wow People with Aha Moments about Why they are struggling.

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Chemical Engineer Turned Best-Selling Author, Creator of the Tapping Into Wealth Coaching Program, Creme Brulee Lover, Mom, and Totally In Love Newlywed…
Would you believe me if I told you you’re my favorite kind of person?

“Well you don’t really know me Margaret, sooo…”

You’re right, but the fact that you’re here and that you’re inspired to become a coach — tells me A LOT about who you are.

I’ve witnessed first-hand (hundreds of times) the magic of watching someone transform before your eyes. (I promise, it never gets old.) I want you to experience the same radical results both in your own life and with your future clients.

Now that you’re a part of my transformation tribe, I’ll be giving you all my best insights on how to launch your career and and next-level life as a thriving coach. Get excited, friend!

Here’s What Happens Next…
You’re on track to creating a coaching foundation for a vibrant and purposeful future. Take what you’ve learned here and run with it.

The best part of this whole process is that your growth trajectory exists adjacent to your drive. The more you want it, the faster you’ll make it happen.

Don’t let doubt get in your way.

Don’t let the naysayers nag you.

Don’t for a minute forget that YOU are worthy of a life and a coaching practice that lights you up.

Keep an eye on your inbox — I’ll be sending you your 2 bonus gifts along with a results recap email with additional insights and inspiration to kickstart your coaching career.

One more thing… are you tired of waiting and ready to make your coaching dreams happen starting right now?
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