How to Tap to Help Others
From Basics to Dramatic Results
with Most Common Issues
Level 1 Transformational Methods Tapping
Have you ever noticed something about how I do Tapping? I get this all the time…

“Margaret, I’ve done tapping before…but never like this!”

The way I do it seems different from other experts and well…it is different!

My way of doing it has been the secret ingredient built into all my programs and it comes hard-earned from years of experience! (not some genius flash or download, just old fashioned hard work with thousands of people since 2007).

It is what drives people to get such great results that I have sold over 6000 Tapping-based programs AND over 26,000 books since 2009!

In 2013, I started teaching people from all walks of life how to use my methods and made a big discovery!

As an engineer by training, my approach is a very practical framework designed to get more WOW results and THAT makes it easy to teach, easy to learn and easy to follow!

That is why I am inviting you to take this step NOW and see how fast, rewarding and impactful helping others can be when you START OUT with effective, proven training.

Helping others – friends, family and clients – will be more powerful and effective when you start out with confidence!

But, you must learn more than just Tapping as a technique!

Following along with Tapping audios and videos is so easy, because the technique is simple and effective.

But when you want to introduce it to others to help them and encourage them to believe in it and use it, you need to go beyond the basic mechanics of the Tapping technique.

You need to know a bit more than the average person about the stress response, the meanings in emotions, the tricks played by our “too smart minds” and the secrets of our “built-in-human-nature inner resistance” and how Tapping works on all these levels.

You need a framework to approach Tapping with someone else from start to finish, even when you just want to confidently introduce it to your partner, a friend or a family member!

Thankfully, the truth is, this is not complicated knowledge and is fascinating to those of us that LOVE learning about human nature and “how things work”.

You can learn it and I guarantee…YOU WILL LOVE having this knowledge if you love humans! It answers so many mysteries about how and why people act the way they do and reveals how emotional healing actually works.

Here’s the thing…

Whether you are a new learner or experienced “Tapper”, you need to know WHERE to go to uncover the hidden roots to someone’s biggest complaints and exactly what to do when you go there in a compassionate, tuned in, “lead and follow” flow.

As important, you also need to know how to help someone connect the dots for big shifts in self-awareness and aha moments and clarity about their pain and the keys to their healing process. These kinds of shifts are as live changing as healing work!

Otherwise, we risk what so many people new to Tapping have experienced…

They excitedly try to convince someone to use it as a technique “to fix something” only to have them misunderstand it, resist it, roll their eyes or try it and decide quickly that “it didn’t really do much”.

Tapping enthusiast: “What did you think?”

Family member: “Umm, it was okay I guess, kind of weird, but…thanks.”

When that happens, you feel bad, maybe even embarrassed and are less likely to try that again!

But on the other side, MANY people report being introduced to Tapping in ineffective, or “woo woo” ways that turned them off or just didn’t do just to the real power in the technique. It then took them years to “try it again”.

Because of this, I fear many people miss out on the incredible and truly unprecedented power of the effective, thoughtful use of Tapping.

I don’t want that to happen to you or the family members, friends or clients you care about and that you truly want to help!

Instead I want the people YOU care about to be introduced to this powerful, clinically proven technique in a solid, credible and clear way so they are open to trying it with you.

THEN…I want them to experience you, confidently, lovingly guiding them to impressive measurable results and aha moments from the start!

I want them to leave their first experience feeling more calm, centered, relieved and more compassionately self-aware from both the healing/releasing work AND from several clear aha moments.

THIS is the way to take your first step and learn Tapping WITH my expert secrets behind using it like a pro with the people YOU want to help!

I have been teaching beginners from every walk of life and advanced learners since 2013 how to become MASTERFUL in their ability to transform others using Tapping!

I can wait to teach you all my secrets gained from 13 years of working with thousands of people from 1 on 1 clients to large groups!

How to Tap to Help Others
From Basics to Dramatic Results
with the Most Common Issues
Level 1 Transformational Methods Tapping
5+ hours Keyword Searchable Video Training and Transcripts)
Learn from Master Coach and Experienced Trainer Margaret Lynch Raniere, author of acclaimed Tapping Into Wealth (2nd highest rated book on general Tapping). Margaret has trained over 1000 coaches in her results-based Transformational Method of tapping to both clear away blocks AND tap into confidence, passion and on fire enthusiasm Empowerment Energy!

Lesson 1: Basics of Tapping and “Inner Resistance” – avoiding myths and woo-woo pitfalls, explain Tapping to everyday people, ethical disclosures and consent, Understanding, uncovering and working with the 4 types of Inner Resistance built-in to our human nature.

Lesson 2: Basics of Anxiety, Worry and Stress – calming the mind, nervous system, sleep and tapping into focus, resilience and resourceful thinking.

Lesson 3: Advanced Emotion Meaning – Exactly what to say to uncover and move confidently through key emotions that appear or are resisted (anger, frustration, shame, hurt, sadness, disappointment, anxiety to panic, and “why bother” resignation)

Lesson 4: Healing the Roots of the Fear, Self-Doubt and Recurring Patterns – Simple and safe approach to Tapping to heal painful past, from obvious memories to uncovering more subtle events that rob confidence, joy, enthusiasm and action

Bonus – Lesson 5: From Procrastination to Laser-Focused Action – quickly find core issues that stop action, for huge client aha moments and changes in behavior.

All Lessons will be taught live and recorded, with transcripts and searchable video.








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