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Your Thriving Coach Code Results Are In…
Find Freedom by Focusing On YOU
The path to your potential starts here.
It starts with a seeker (you), a map (the proven process) and it leads to a deep sense of fulfillment and freedom, and self-discovery.

You’re wildly curious and searching for answers to life’s biggest questions. You want to thrive — to wake up each day feeling truly connected and ALIVE and you won’t settle for anything less.

Your purpose is clear — you’re on a journey of self-discovery and committed to finding clarity, confidence, and courage along the way.

You might be wondering…
can I really make this dream a reality?
Here’s the answer too few people are giving you:
It is 100% possible to find the answers you’re looking for and so much more. There’s an incredibly fulfilling soul-centered life waiting for you on the other side of your inner resistance, the way to reach it is by removing the blocks standing in your way.

Keep reading because your quiz results will serve as your personal blueprint to help you get started on this path. Ready to take the first steps?

Grab a coffee, get cozy, and get ready for your self-discovery path to unfold!
“I wasn’t searching for something or someone …I was searching for me.”
– Carrie Bradshaw
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The 6 Keys Need to Initiate Lasting Change, Greater Confidence, and Loads More Abundance
Based on your answers in the assessment, one of the most powerful ways you can embody the energized, vital, no-holds-barred version of yourself you know if possible is by activating and working through these 6 keys.
I developed this process over 12 years of doing the deep inner work with hundreds of clients on the topics of money and confidence. Transforming your relationship to both takes time, but when you’ve got a blueprint like this, it becomes a whole lot easier.
1. Map your anxious/emotional and “self-talk” reactions to money
The emotions you feel around money are unconsciously impacting everything in your life (this is the “mind/body/money connection”) — the first step to sitting in the driver’s seat of your well-being and ability to access abundance is becoming conscious around how you perceive wealth.
2. Uncover and heal the hidden roots to your current set points of money, confidence, joy, courage
It’s time to rewind. You CAN move forward by looking back and seeing your “Earliest Money Paradigm” and the power it has had over you. To do this exercise, grab a notebook, clear some space in your calendar, and sit with the question “when did I first start feeling this way about (money, confidence, joy, and courage)?” ⇐ work through each different topic and allow yourself to fully feel into each experience.
3. Uncover and Heal “Money Traumas”!
Yes, money trauma is real…and there are 2 types to look for – Financial Traumas and Goal Traumas. Specifically, I want to walk you through how to identify the signs and symptoms in your past to see if you have a “Financial Trauma.”
4. Set a vision for the future and clear away the Inner Resistance to your bigger goals.
Once you’ve examined the past, you can let go of the elements and beliefs that have held you back. Of course, I recommend tapping as the fastest way to clear your inner resistance. Watch the video below for one of my favorite tapping exercises to release resistance and reach your goals faster!
5. Actively RAISE your level of inner confidence, self-worth, courage, passion, enthusiasm, boldness and energy.
Hell YA, super powers!
When your inner resistance walls have been broken down you can rebuild your inner world with whatever foundation you choose. My recommendation? Choose love. Choose to build yourself up. Choose self-compassion. You are SO worthy of the life you desire!
6. Pre-Empt Self-Sabotage
(ya, you know that one! Enough said!)
If that nagging voice of not good enoughness comes creeping back (and it will!) remind yourself that you’re highest consciousness is in the driver’s seat. This is just your ego fighting for control.

Let it flow like water and watch it float by. Tap it out. Release it. Most importantly, continue on the path of rewriting your old stories and remember, transformation isn’t just possible, it’s happening.

Chemical Engineer Turned Best-Selling Author, Creator of the Tapping Into Wealth Coaching Program, Creme Brulee Lover, Mom, and Totally In Love Newlywed…
Would you believe me if I told you you’re my favorite kind of person?

“Well you don’t really know me Margaret, sooo…”

You’re right, but the fact that you’re here and that you’re inspired to become a coach — tells me A LOT about who you are.

I’ve witnessed first-hand hundreds of times the magic of watching someone transform before your eyes. (I promise, it never gets old.) I want you to experience the same radical results both in your own life and with your future clients.

Now that you’re a part of my transformation tribe, I’ll be giving you all my best insights on how to launch your career and and next-level life as a thriving coach. Get excited, friend!

Here’s What Happens Next…
You’re on track to creating a foundation for a vibrant and purposeful future. Take what you’ve learned here and run with it.

The best part of this whole process is that your growth trajectory exists adjacent to your drive. The more you want it, the faster you’ll make it happen.

Don’t let doubt get in your way.

Don’t let the naysayers nag you.

Don’t for a minute forget that YOU are worthy of a life that lights you up.

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You’re in luck.
The doors to my free masterclass are officially open and you’re invited…


3 Keys to Truly Transforming Others
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The Pathway to Fulfilling Your Calling
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Here’s a glimpse at what we’ll cover during this free training:
  • How to crack the code to getting real results and catalyzing true transformation
  • 3 keys to rare and valuable results as a coach — blast through 4 types of inner resistance and transform others into a more confident version of themselves
  • The inner resistance map and my full transformational blueprint to exactly HOW those results are achieved
  • Actionable strategies to help you use this information to immediately help others
  • And so much more…

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